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    I am trying to add a JQuery control (FullCalendar.io) to a page in the Porto Admin template.

    Whenever I try to instantiate it using the following code:

    defaultDate: ‘#DateFormat(Now(), ‘yyyy-mm-dd’)#’,
    navLinks: true,
    editable: true,
    eventLimit: true,
    defaultView : “month”,

    I get this error:

    [Error] TypeError: $(‘#calendar’).fullCalendar is not a function. (In ‘$(‘#calendar’).fullCalendar’, ‘$(‘#calendar’).fullCalendar’ is undefined)

    I have run into the same problem whenever I try to use JQuery plugins (DatePicker, TimePicker, etc.) What do I have to do to configure JQuery to work with this template?

    Template Version: 2.0.0


    Hello, thanks for your purchase 🙂

    My suggestion for you is use as base the page of calendar:

    Basically you need to check if the scripts below are included on footer of document:
    – jQuery
    – FullCalendar
    – js/examples/examples.calendar.js
    * Add on the order above, like the image below:

    Then remove all code inside of js/examples/examples.calendar.js and add your custom initialization code of FullCalendar.

    Please, try that and let me know if you need further assistance.

    Kind Regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)