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    Dear support.

    i have the same problem as stated here #post-10031841

    After submitting the form (everything goes well and email is sent) it shows the php/contact-form.php with the content

    I actually embedded
    into the footer.

    What else can i do or is there a plugin missing which i removed ?

    Have a nice day and thanks in advance.

    Template Version: INDEX-CORPORATE-6

    And i realized i do not have a loading text. If that’s important

    <div class="form-group col text-center">
    <input type="submit" value="Formular Absenden" class="btn btn-primary btn-modern" data-loading-text="Loading...">

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    Okay i found something out.
    Everything is working after i added the class to the form

    but if i do this the radio buttons feedback if not chosen something (required) show the error div completely wrong.
    What can i do, do have both things working together ?

    as reference i got my old ticket
    Radiobutton misplaced error

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    okay i found it myself.
    It can be closed

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    Hello, it’s great that you figured it out, please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Kind Regards,


    Hi Jonas,
    thanks for your answer and yes i have another one.
    i would like to use 2 forms.
    i made a copy in view.contact for contactFormAdvanced and renamed it and use it on the 2nd form as id.


    <form id=”contactFormAdvanced2″ class=”contact-form” action=”include/php/kontakt-form.php” method=”POST”>`

    but as feedback i keep getting an error but the mail got sent.
    and the return is aswell

    What else i have to change to run a second form ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Marcus,

    First please don’t use the “#contactFormAdvanced” code at “view.contact.js”. In your case we recommend use the “Contact Form: Basic”. For it just remove the id="contactFormAdvanced" and id="contactFormAdvanced2"from both forms. As you are using the AJAX method for contact form (trough the action=”include/php/kontakt-form.php”) you shouldn’t use the advanced contact form code.

    Porto is ready for multiple contact forms in same page and isn’t needed to replicate the JS code in view.contact.js. You need just replicate the HTML code and put the class contact-form.

    Also make sure the variable $debug in /php/kontakt-form.php is receiving a value 0:

    $debug = 0;

    If even so the problem persists, please send a online test link with your website for us.

    Kind Regards,


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