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    There’s a new update of the Porto Template – the version 1.1 – and if you have downloaded it before 19th March 2013 you might want to “merge” it with your own version.

    First of all, there’s a good software to help you to compare 2 files, and it’s Kdiff3 – http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/ – I recommend that you download it and use to compare your files with the new ones.

    So let’s talk about what is changed in the version 1.1:

    Social Media Icons

    First thing you have to do is to change the HTML of the header and the footer, to be like this:



    Get it from the new files and replace it in your html files.

    If you have changed the theme-elements.css file you have to make some changes and add the css of the icons:

    Go to the bottom of the theme-elements.css and copy this (all the social media icons definitions):

    Again, please compare the new file and the old one with the Kdiff3 tool.

    Finally, copy the file img/social-sprites.png to your folder.

    Sticky Menu

    The HTML is still the same, what is changed is the CSS and the JS.

    CSS Changes:

    JS Changes:

    Copy the whole new stickyMenu

    And add the call in the build initializer:


    Just replace the file vendor/modernizr.js to the new one.


    Just replace the file vendor/bootstrap.js to the new one.

    Contact Form

    If you have an issue with special characters in the contact form submission, please replace the file php/contact-form.php to the new one.


    Post bellow if you have any questions.





    Yes, replace the files and use the new ones. They have some minor fixes, but it’s important to make your website compatible with all browsers.



    Hum, yes, the latest version is from 6 April 13, there was a few bug fixes and new features.




    The files are css/theme.css and js/theme.js

    If you have the very first version I recommend to use Kdiff3 to compare all the files.




    Hello @shaminh, please send me a email – crivos@okler.net – so I’ll reply with the source code attached.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)