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  • in reply to: Rev Slider TP caption not centering #10031811

    BTW – I have reduced the font size from 90 to 72 – this seems to stop the line of text from being cropped – but does not solve the left-justified issue.
    Thanks again,

    in reply to: Isotope combination filter #10030932

    I apologize, maybe this will make more sense.
    there are 3 filter groups: shape, size, color
    shape options: circle, square
    size options: small, medium, large
    color options: red, yellow, green

    item 1, circle,medium,large,yellow,green or “square+*” (square plus any other filter)

    user selects: circle,small,red – item 1 does not display
    user selects: circle,medium,green – item 1 does display
    user selects: square,small,red – item 1 does display

    is there some sort of wildcard selector, an “and/or” filter or tag that I can use?
    Thanks for the help…

    in reply to: YouTube video in revo slider not playing on mobile #10028724

    Perfect, it worked.
    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)