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    I tried. I really did. And I really messed things up.

    My site is not public facing yet so I am unable to show you in real-time, but a copy of the html file follows. On the left side bar is a list of categories with the number of articles per category. On the main column is a listing of all the news articles.

    Issue 1:
    How do I set up pagination (located on the lower portion of the main column) and,

    Issue 2:
    How do I configure filtering so if I click on a category on the sidebar, only those particular news articles are shown?

    (I tried twice to send the HTML of my page, but it is blocked for potentially dangerous code … even though I stripped the CSS and JavaScript). Is there a tutorial you have on how to do the above? I’ve tried just copying code from your examples but it isn’t working.

    Oh, the page mimcs your example of a medium picture blog post with left sidebar layout template.


    Hello, I’m sorry but I could not understand the question very well, if possible please upload that in a temporary URL (server) or use WeTransfer (or similar) to send me the files:

    Regarding pagination, please note that the pagination in the HTML version is not functional, there are just links with the style to show the other pages.

    The filter can use isotope to show/hide some items, like in this example:
    It works with classes in the items:

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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